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Getting Started

How to install?

There are two installers.
  • MSI package
    • Installs MSBuild integration and/or Visual Studio integration.
    • The Visual Studio integration feature is installed for all users.
    • NsDepCopConfig schema validation is also installed.
    • Requires admin privilege.
    • Requires Visual Studio restart if it was running during install.
  • VSIX package
    • Installs only the Visual Studio integration feature and only for the current user.
    • NsDepCopConfig schema validation is not installed.
    • No admin privilege required.

How to add dependency config file to a C# project?

  1. In the Solution Explorer window right-click on a C# project.
  2. Choose Add / New Item... from the context menu.
  3. Choose NsDepCop Config File (in the "Visual C# Items" group).
Don't care about the file name. It will be config.nsdepcop regardless of what you type.

If you added the rule config file then go ahead and describe your dependency rules!

How to run the analysis?

  • With MSBuild integration
    • Start a build. Issues will be reported in the build output.
  • With Visual Studio integration
    • As you type into the code editor Visual Studio will automatically parse the relevant part of the source file and invoke the analyzer for each relevant symbol.
    • Double clicking an item in the Error List will take you to the source code that caused the problem.
  • (1) Only if you have a config.nsdepcop file in your project ...
  • (2) ... issues will be reported in the Error List ...
  • (3) ... and underlined in the code editor.

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